Rotating Seat Cushion

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  Choosing the Rotation seat cushion for your stool or chair is a very important part of your personal healthy because you need something that will help remain comfortable no matter what you are doing on the stool. 

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  Getting in and out of a car becomes much easier with the Rotation Seat Cushion. Users can easily carry this lightweight swivel cushion and will find the 360° turning capability makes it easier to get into whatever position is best for entering and exiting a car.  

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  • Grab-Tech Base Material : Seat Cushion that stays in position- even on leather car seats. This car seat cushion freely spins 360 degrees, making it easy to get out of the car, chairs at home, bed, or even airplane seats! Just "Sit and Spin"!
  • Reduces joint and muscle strains. Alleviates lower back pain from every day sitting and reduces the risk of injury.
  • Memory Foam Top Layer : Provides a soft seating surface, turning hard surfaces into a comfortable seat. The 20 inch diameter allows for use as a truck driver cushion or a car seat cushion.
  • Take your Rotation seat anywhere with its lightweight, flexible, and portable design. This seat cushion has an indestructible internal swivel mechanism that lasts for years.
  • Makes transitioning from seats easy and pain free! This pain relieving cushion aids back, joints, muscles, and strains. 

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