Natural Spa Essential Oil Bath Bombs Set

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   Turn on the hot water and dip inside for a fragrant spa treatment, this bath bomb gift package is a pure and healthy way to relax after a long day
Set include 12 pcs fragrance bath bombs, effective exfoliation of those notorious rough horny, such as your elbows, knees and the heels of your feet
Enjoy a calm rejuvenating experience that nourishes the body and helps minimize dry skin .

No fillers, no junk, just ingredients that will make you look and feel amazing, free of artificial coloring and dyes and will not stain your skin nor your bath tub
Whether you're looking for something pretty to put under the tree, want to find the perfect gift, or just want to let someone know you care, there's no better way to say it than with bath bombs . 


Warning :
1. Do not use any abnormalities such as breakage wound in the macula, hair, inflammation, swelling, skin sunburn.
2. Avoid contact with eyes. If skin irritation occurs discontinue use and thoroughly wash affected area with mild soap and water. If irritation persists seek medical attention.
3. To prevent slipping after bathing, rinse the tub with hot water to remove any remaining oils.

Weight: 70g per ball
Each bath salt ball diameter approx 4.5cm

12 x Bath bombs