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Charging induction home night light

When people come, they will go out and disappear.

Photosensitive + infrared induction | Ultra-thin appearance | Soft lighting | Can be attached to hang


Start the night in the dark room, can't touch the light, Easy to trip, i have such a smart night light at night, Soft lighting, spend every night with you

Enjoy the night in variety of modes

Using the advanced photosensitive sensor + human body infrared sensing technology 5-7M sensing distance, 120° large angle sensing range and 30S automatically extinguishes

Dual mode human body induction + constant light mode

Toggle the back switch to switch modes, AUTO mode automatic sensing, ON mode is always used for lighting

Constant light mode - Easy to hold

Clear lighting night, second bed light - Easily find items in the dark night

Human body infrared sensor night light automatically lights up / goes out

The night light has a level of 120°, and the sensing range within 3 meters of the front side within 5 meters. when it detects that the very dark, someone can pass through the sensing range, and it will automatically light up during the day. Switch, convenient and power saving

Aisle & Stairs

Bookcase & Kitchen

Livingroom & Bathroom

Warm light and gentle companionship 

USB charging 90 days long time 
lightning power saving 

USB smart charging, energy saving, built-in large-capacity lithium battery, 90* days for one charge, emergency and durable, away from frequent charging troubles ( NOTE : The number of sensing times per day is calculated within 10 times )

Simple and modern design, easy to match with a variety of home styles

Simple design clean and beautiful, do some level for a beautiful home

Back magnetic fast installation