HOMFRIEN™ Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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  • Efficient cleaning and Protect health : Put the automatic toilet bowl cleaner into the water tank, slowly release the paste gel toilet cleaner, adopt the microbial degradation method, effectively remove the scale of the tank, remove the toilet urinary scale, prevent dirt adhesion and precipitation; protects family health.

  • Do not damage the internal components, safety and Environmental protection : Toilet tank cleaner uses active factor decontamination technology, mild nature, will not corrode the tank, drain pipe and bottom wax seal; healthy and environmentally friendly.

  • Long-lasting anti-fouling : A bottle of automatic toilet bowl cleaner system can be washed 900 times, continuous use, toilet inner wall will form anti-fouling protective film, thereby reducing the number of hand brush.

  • Unique design & simple operation : Automatic toilet bowl cleaner in tank adopts micro-hole overflow design, abandoning traditional solid, and adopting a colloidal without residue; Long-term placed in tank, no rot and mildew; no residue on the inner wall of the toilet. Open the package, remove the upper stopper and put it in tank (away from the outlet/inlet).

  • Plant extraction technology : Automatic toilet bowl cleaner with scent using plant pigments, does not pollute the pipe and inner wall, remove odor, accompanied by plant fragrance scrubbing bubbles (the more times the flush, the lighter the color and smell, and the decontamination will not be reduced).