FatBurner™ Abdominal Breathing Fat Burning Kit for Weight Loss

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Slim Abs Breathing Trainer is a breakthrough product for respiratory & abdominal fitness training which works to slim your waist and tone abdomen.


Without training, our breathing is primarily chest oriented and shallow. Inducing thoracic diaphragm oriented breathing brings immense health benefits including core muscle buildup, lung capacity & metabolism increase and weight management.


By creating pulmonary resistance, this trainer is meant foDiaphragmatic training to help you fully utilize and tone abdominal muscles while breathing. It trains you to breathe using your core muscles which aids in fat burning & flattening stomach.



  • Tightens & tones your innermost abdominals
  • Trains deep belly muscles: obliques & transversus abdominis
  • Powers up your lung for increased energy level & calorie consumption
  • Boosts metabolism and dramatically lowers appetite
  • Simple to use with 3 adjustable levels



  1. Inhale real deep from the mouthpiece and hold for a couple seconds
  2. Contract your abs forcefully while exhaling
  3. Your abs should flex harder as the air is exhaled
  4. Repeat 10 - 15 times



  • 1pc X Slim Abs Breathing Trainer