LEEVAN ™ Anti-Stain Tablecloth

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With the "miracle" anti-stain tablecloth, now, spilled wine glasses or grease or sauce stains are no longer a problem thanks to its anti-stain coating with hydrophobic properties and anti-fouling treatment.

Birthday meal, with family or friends, this white tablecloth will be part of your daily life.
A spilled glass? The "miracle" tablecloth is waterproof, just wipe an absorbent cloth over it and no more traces are visible!



  • Available Sizes: 60 x 84 inch, 60 x 102 inch, 60 x 120 inch.
  • Available Shapes: Rectangular oblong & Square.
  • Water resistance
  • Material :  Bamboo and Merino
  • Stain and Scratch Resistant
  • No fading, no shrinking, no ironing
  • Friends and family of all ages can relax and celebrate indoors or out, with no worries about its easy-care.
  • Suitable for Cafes, dinners, weddings, brunches and many more.