Key Lock Box Wall

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Main Features:
• Keep all your spare keys safe and secure with this key storage
• You can safely leave keys for children to get in after school
• For an elderly family member you need to visit on a regular basis, or for just storing keys safely just in case you lose them on your travels
• Enables the safe storage of house keys or even cash
• 4-digit combination lock to ensure security
• Enables access for the selected few
• Stores up to 5 keys for house, car or padlock
• Easy and convenient to fit with the supplied fixings
• Strong zinc alloy body resists hammering and sawing
• Rust free,suitable for outdoor use
• Ideal for storing keys securely

How to open:
The initial password key safe is 0000, pushed up in front of a small blackboard cover,
you can see the encryption key and a black switch. In case the password is correct,
push the black switch online, safe silver panel cover to pop up. 


Change the password:
After opening the safe in the back of the lid has a silver faceplate RESET words,
next to a small hardcore reset your password. The small hardcore push in and hold,
then slide the password key to reset the password.

Product parameters:
Packing: 13 * 10 * 5.5cm 536.7g 
Safes Specifications: 12 * 8.7 * 4cm 490g 
Safe within specification: 9 * 6.3 * 3.5cm 


Products include:
Key password box * 1 
Screw * 4 
Expansion plug * 4
Instructions * 1