Anti-Slip Retainer Bedding Bed Covers (pack of 6)

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You always worry about your messy or wrinkled blanlets. Our Clothes Pegs is one of the necessary accessories for your house and makes your life easier. You just attach our item to your bed sheet then your sheet will look great all the time.

SPECIAL DESIGN: Our Bed Sheet Holder is designed sturdy with plastic clenching system, which will not only grip your bed sheets firmly but also protect fabric from harm and no damage caused to your bed sheet.

EASY TO USE: This item is easy to put on and will keep fitted sheets from sliding off from corners all night and keep your bed looking great at all times.

WIDE APPLICATION: It is flexible which will work great for various beds, sheets, air mattresses pads, comforters, blankets, even ironing board covers and more.
  • Keeps the bed sheet in place and snug
  • Lock together the piping/seam and sheet/bedskirt
  • Once they are on, they don't get off easily
  • Hard plastic, non-bendable


  • ifrmmy bed sheet grippers keep the bed sheet in place, bring you neat and easier.
  • Grippers will lock the sheets tightly and will not release easily, you never worry about messy or wrinkled sheets again.
  • Hard plastic, non-bendable. Installation requires a bit of skill and power.
  • Only fit for various mattresses with raised edges.