2-Pack: Perfect Fit "PERFORM™" Memory Foam Multi-Use Pillows

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Is it Time to Buy a New Pillow

❌Do you experience neck pain?

❌Do you experience Allergies of irritation?

❌Do you feel lumps, clumps or bumps on your pillows?

✅Our White Willow Contour Cervical Pillow helps relieve neck pain and other bodily discomfort.

✅All our White Willow Memory foam Pillows are hypoallergenic.

✅Say goodbye to clumps or lumps, with our Memory Foam Multi-Use Pillows. No fluffing or shaking required.


Enjoy Restful, Healing Sleep and Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

This pillow has dozens of uses! Small and compact, it offers the perfect amount of support and is easy to take with you anywhere! You won’t want to be anywhere without it use it at home, in the office, in planes and cars, this perfect little pillow will keep you comfy everywhere.



  • Available in 2-Packs in Gray or Sand colors
  • Unique shape hooks on the arm of a sofa, or on the headrest of a seat
  • Great for lumbar support, wrist support, knee support, and neck support
  • Soft supportive memory foam offers the perfect amount of comfort and support
  • Snaps for easy travel and provides a more firm support


  • Size: 14"x6"x6"


  • 2-Pack: Perfect Fit “The Napper” Memory Foam Multi-Use Pillows

No fluffing required

Most cheap pillows feel great for the first couple weeks, but their support quickly degrades. Our pillow, backed with a 3-year limited warranty, is lab tested to last 25 years.